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SEIC Workshops purposefully bring together targeted sports & entertainment impact communities to cultivate conversation & provide tangible tools for attendees to bring back to their organizations, staff, clients or teams. 

Custom Workshops.

SEIC has developed and led custom workshops at national events, conferences and in collaboration with corporate partners.


Strategic Philanthropy for Sports Professionals 

During summer 2021, SEIC worked with RBC Wealth Management on a series of workshops for their high net worth athletes, including their family members and managers.

SEIC developed and executed sessions on Effective Giving and Family Dynamics to help athletes and their management teams with legacy building.

The Effective Giving session invited attendees to:

  • Reflect on why you give back and imagine the impact you can have

  • Determine the benefits of effective giving

  • Compare options for giving back

  • Recognize importance of building a trusted team

  • Discover tools to help narrow your focus

  • Evaluate the impact of your giving & its sustainability

  • Examine emerging trends

The Family Dynamics session focused on:

  • Understanding and troubleshooting common challenges when engaging in philanthropic work with family

  • How to create balance when family is involved 

  • “Avoiding avoidance” - what it is and how to manage it

  • Opportunities and techniques for successful family involvement in celebrity and athlete philanthropy 

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Beyond the photo op: engaging sports in effective and meaningful partnerships

In May 2018, SEIC hosted a session titled "Beyond the photo op: engaging sports in effective and meaningful partnerships" at the annual Engage for Good Conference in Chicago.  Featured speakers included the following:


  • Melanie LeGrande, Vice President of Social Responsibility, Major League Baseball

  • Sue Petersen, Executive Director, Giants Community Fund, San Francisco Giants

  • Matt Doubleday, Senior VP of Marketing, Wintrust Financial

Sports plays a powerful role in everything from uniting communities to influencing consumer behavior, but too often the focus is on photo ops and one-time events or activations.  This session shared personal experiences and offered guidance on risks and opportunities to consider when engaging in a sports partnership, as well as tangible suggestions for going “beyond the photo op”.  


Attendees walked away with a better understanding of:

  • the benefits and risks of working with a sports property (athlete, team, league or brand)

  • new ideas for working with sports entities and leveraging the power of sport to maximize the impact of your work

  • how to build a case for effective sports partnerships that are measurable and sustainable

  • when is it NOT a good idea to partner with a sports brand?  Warning signs that you should stay away!

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Leading from Within - Leadership Skills for Sports Impact Professionals

In March 2018, SEIC led a session titled "Leading from Within - Leadership Skills for Sports Impact Professionals" at the annual U.S. Soccer Foundation Urban Soccer Symposium in Washington, D.C..


Sports has become one of the most popular and powerful tools in modern culture for uniting communities and equipping individuals from all backgrounds with valuable life-skills, but before nonprofit professionals can be effective and impactful leaders in the communities they serve, they need to hone their personal leadership skills as an individual and within their organizations.


This interactive session helped attendees recognize and assess their leadership strengths and opportunities. The session included a special focus on leadership techniques which aid organizations in gaining and retaining staff members and volunteers.