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The Sports & Entertainment Impact Certificate is an unparalleled virtual training program at the intersection of sports, entertainment and philanthropy.


Our certificate’s leadership team, faculty and students are leaders in the field of sports philanthropy and entertainment philanthropy, working with athletes, actors, singers, teams, leagues, nonprofit organizations, major consultancies, top firms and other sports and entertainment industry stakeholders.

Certificate program students are Executive Directors, Nonprofit Employees, Community Relations, Public Relations and Media professionals, Agents, Publicists, Attorneys, Managers and other thought leaders currently working in or transitioning into the field of sports and entertainment impact.


The Sports & Entertainment Impact Certificate is distinct because no other program offers:

  • the opportunity for sports, entertainment and philanthropy leaders to collaborate and learn together

  • a distinguished leadership team with a combined 40 years experience working directly in every facet of sports and entertainment impact

  • trusted faculty pioneers meeting the highest standards in sports and entertainment impact committed to sharing unmatched experience and extensive networks

Virtual Learning

A one-of-a-kind virtual learning program, our certificate includes:


  • tailored curriculum at the intersection of sports, entertainment and philanthropy designed as a unique playbook for professionals 

  • students connect and engage weekly as a class using state of the art online learning technology to benefit from peer to peer learning

  • specialized training to sharpen your leadership abilities, assess your own leadership strengths and opportunities and bolster your confidence as an authentic, powerful leader in sports and entertainment impact

  • a collaborative event during which we share the latest trends in sports and entertainment impact and host exclusive workshops with esteemed partners

  • alumni networking and continuing education opportunities extending the learning experience

Unique Intensive Learning

The Sports & Entertainment Impact Certificate is a unique intensive learning and networking experience which includes:

  • a live kick-off collaborative

  • monthly peer connection and learning via readings, videos, PowerPoints, interactive video conferences and peer-to-peer calls

  • A  coursebook and resource guide designed specifically for this audience 

  • A unique program for sports and entertainment impact professionals


Each week of the Certificate program is taught by an industry-leading faculty member. Focus will include a different topic of the sports and entertainment impact field as well as opportunities for cultivating individual leadership skills.

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Delivering on Your Mission

  • Identify a systematic approach to delivering on organizational mission

  • Assess readiness of an organization to embark on a new programmatic initiative

  • Describe the importance of assessing program alignment and outcomes

Instructor: Dr. Kathy Bihr

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Strategic Planning

  • Recognize barriers to engaging in strategic planning and how to increase the chances of a successful process

  • Understand the key components of the strategic plan

  • Develop techniques to implement the plan and make it a “living” document

Instructor: Luis Maes

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Defining Your Purpose

  • Examine challenges at each stage of organizational development and formulate solutions

  • Compare scalability risks and opportunities

Instructor: Jenny Miller


Our Certificate provides access to a network of top tier professionals, faculty, peers and organizations as well as professional development including essential tools, perspectives and meaningful relationships that will help you and your organization adapt and capitalize on future trends and opportunities. Take advantage of the flexibility of a virtual program while building long term relationships with a community of alumni and students from around the world. 


Bakst co-founded WCPG after surviving cancer, and has grown the company to a staff of 6 people with gross revenues over $1.2M. With Harrie’s leadership and vision, WCPG was named by Fast Company in 2014 as  a Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sports.


Lisa is the Founder of Anchor Foundation Consulting, LLC, helping nonprofits fulfill their dreams and achieve long term sustainability.  She also serves as Executive Director of the TB12 Foundation.  Prior to Anchor, Lisa served as Executive Director of the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for over eighteen years.

Michael Balaoing

Michael is a 25-year veteran of global philanthropy, corporate responsibility, strategic communications and leadership development. As Senior Vice President at the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) for a decade, he reached millions on issues of education, health, military families, and youth.


In her role as Vice President, Garden of Dreams Foundation she works with all areas of Madison Square Garden (MSG) and MSG Networks to make dreams come true for kids facing obstacles. 

Dr. Kathy

Kathy has served as Vice President of Programs and Education, TGR Foundation for over 12 years. Her responsibilities include providing direction to the personnel, programs and operations of both the TGR Learning Lab and the Earl Woods Scholar Program.


Cindy has extensive experience in fundraising, board training and corporate event production. Currently Cindy leads a consulting firm focused on providing strategic advisement for clients who have budgets up to $5 million.



Students and faculty come from the following premier entities in sports, entertainment and philanthropy.


  • America SCORES

  • Border Youth Tennis Exchange

  • Bundy Family Foundation

  • Detroit Lions

  • Downtown Boxing Gym

  • Everfi

  • Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS) 

  • Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Lacrosse the Nations

  • L.A.C.E.S.

  • Little Prince Children's Hospital

  • Madison Square Garden

  • Major League Baseball

  • Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society

  • NIKE

  • North Toronto Soccer Club

  • Oakland Lacrosse Club

  • PepsiCo (Gatorade)

  • Portland Trail Blazers

  • Pure Game

  • San Francisco Giants Community Fund

  • Sol Soccer

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

  • Steve Nash Foundation

  • Tao Group Hospitality

  • TGR Foundation (Tiger Woods)

  • The Sanneh Foundation

  • The StepTribe Foundation

  • Under Armour


  • Why Not You Foundation

  • WNBA

  • Wrestle Like A Girl

  • You Can Play


Erik Nilsen, Executive Director, Baseball Assistance Team-Major League Baseball


“I have seen great improvement in myself, my staff and I can’t stress enough how important (the Certificate) has been for my growth and the growth of my organization.  I have learned so much from the engaged faculty, collaborating weekly with students and all of the materials that have been implemented immediately into my day to day operations... I [also] received good advice during the capstone project in regards to fundraising ideas and saw donations increase from $2.8M to $3.3M.” 

T-Neisha Tate, VP of Social Responsibility and Impact, Jacksonville Jaguars


"My overall experience was amazing.  (The Certificate) staff, instructors, and other participants were all knowledgeable and engaging.  The program content was great and practical.  This program should be a requirement of all incoming managers working either in Community Relations or the Foundation of any professional sports club." 

d'Alary Dalton, CEO and Founder, Sol Soccer Club


“In a very short amount of time, (the Certificate) has had an enormous impact on my organization, my effectiveness as a leader and it is having direct impact on the girls in my program.  Through networking, mentoring and coursework, I now have invaluable tools and resources and feel fortunate to have had this opportunity.”


Supporters & Partners.

Educational Partners

SEIC has collaborated with the following educational partners and financial supporters:



Our Certificate is designed for working professionals and the commitment from participants can be estimated between two to three hours each week over a four month period.

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The next session of Sports & Entertainment Impact Certificate will launch summer 2021.