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Certificate students follow a weekly schedule which thoughtfully guides them through a variety of topics and includes interaction with SEIC’s top-tier faculty as well as fellow students.

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Intersection of Sport and Entertainment Philanthropy

Topics & Objectives

  • Review the history of the field

  • Understand how the two industries have been tied together

  • Consider where the industry is headed and opportunities for cross-collaboration


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Delivering on Your Mission

Topics & Objectives

  • Identify a systematic approach to delivering on organizational mission

  • Assess readiness of an organization to embark on a new programmatic initiative

  • Describe the importance of assessing program alignment and outcomes


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Strategic Planning

Topics & Objectives

  • Recognize barriers to engaging in strategic planning and how to increase the chances of a successful process

  • Understand the key components of the strategic plan

  • Develop techniques to implement the plan and make it a “living” document


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Deeper Dive: Defining Your Purpose

Topics & Objectives

  • Compare methods for deciding on and operating to an organizational purpose

  • Explore tools for developing organizational focus


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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Topics & Objectives

  • How to define diversity, equity, inclusion and equality

  • Be able to identify instances of cultural, institutional, and personal bias.

  • Better understand how DEI assessments and/or tools can support you in advancing equity and inclusion in your organization.


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Internal Communication & Motivation

Topics & Objectives

  • Identify the key groups of stakeholders on your “team” and the best strategies for effectively communicating with each group

  • Demonstrate your ability to leverage internal stakeholders and motivate your team to achieve the mission of your organization


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Successful Partnerships

Topics & Objectives

  • Understand the elements of a successful partnership

  • Pinpoint best strategies for entering/exiting partnerships

  • Identify ways to measure a successful partnership


Business Handshake


Topics & Objectives

  • Discover trends in collaboration

  • Develop creative and innovative partnerships 

  • Validate cross-sector collaboration


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Telling Your Story

Topics & Objectives

  • Identify new storytelling ideas for your organization and for your own personal brand

  • Recognize successful messaging to achieve attention and engagement in a saturated market

  • Develop approaches to deliver your message to different audiences

  • Discover trends and innovative opportunities to tell your story


Fundraising & Development

Topics & Objectives

  • Illustrate how the stages of solicitation affect your fundraising planning and strategies

  • Connect fundraising with all areas of your organization

  • Give examples of how your organization measures impact


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Deeper Dive: Impact

Topics & Objectives

  • Justify streamlining your investment strategy vs. small contributions to multiple causes 

  • Discover why making a large impact in one area is highly effective for decision-making, internal alignment and resource allocation 

  • Weigh benefits of scaling your programming


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Monitoring and Evaluation

Topics & Objectives

  • Describe & compare differences between monitoring and evaluating

  • Recognize why M&E are critical parts of program planning & execution

  • Discover different types of information can be used to make decisions about tweaks “on the fly” and long-term strategic improvements

  • Identify audiences for your findings


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Board Development

Topics & Objectives

  • ​Identify responsibilities of a non-profit board 

  • Recruit a non-profit board & distinguish member committees

  • Discover trends in board governance

  • Analyze board demographics and board culture



Legal Compliance

Topics & Objectives

  • Recognize potential legal risks, and identify when you need to do further research

  • Explore various non-profit models found in the sports industry

  • Develop a sports event with the proper contractual protections

  • Understand how the tax code applies to sports galas and swag

  • Develop an understanding of the law and confidence about how to operate in its bounds

  • Analyze the impact of laws and regulations on the function of non-profits


Charity Drive

Emerging Trends

Topics & Objectives

  • Develop greater awareness and understanding of the emerging trends in Sports & Entertainment Impact

  • Consider new technologies, resources and best practices that directly impact your organization

  • Understand your options for how to adapt and/or maintain your mission amidst emerging trends


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Leading with Confidence

Topics & Objectives

  • Assess your own leadership strengths and opportunities

  • Bolster your confidence as a authentic, powerful leader in sports and entertainment impact and beyond


The Sports & Entertainment Impact Collective is fiscally sponsored by the Edward Charles Foundation (ECF) tax ID # 26-4245043. ECF's fiscal sponsorship services allow SEIC to bring our students, faculty and corporate partners a best in class academic experience. As a leader in the sports and entertainment impact space, ECF brings credibility and a powerful network to the SEIC community.

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